Monthly Rental Rates

Your craft will be measured in linear feet.  All motor vehicles are subject to sales tax.

Indoor Storage

AUTO STORAGE         $100.00 per month.

Size                        Fee


up to 20′                       $75.00
up to 25′                     $100.00
up to 30′                     $115.00
up to 35′                     $145.00
up to 40′                     $190.00
up to 45′                     $220.00

Plus applicable tax on autos, trucks, & motor-homes. (Excludes all “pull-behind” craft, i.e., boats, trailers, etc.)

Our indoor storage rates are competitive with outdoor storage rates.  When you add the long-term benefits of indoor storage – how can you not afford to store your recreational craft indoors?

Electrical Hook-Ups – ask about availability.